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Here are some of the places where I know that Spades can be played. As far as I know, all sites are free to join and all are live, played with four players. On some sites it is possible to practice against one or more robots (viz. non-human opponents.) Why not check the sites out! Click on a logo to visit a site. The numbers playing were at one particular time on a particular day (8.00pm UK time - noon in Los Angeles on a Sunday) and are only intended as a guide. Obviously numbers are constantly changing throughout the day and night. All (?) the sites require a Java-enabled browser (most new ones are by default) and no firewall. The 'no firewall' requirement prevents many people playing at work.
Pogo run games for various internet companies. They have over 40 different games available, although not all of their clients take them all. On 4th April 2001 Pogo were taken over by, the online division of Electronic Arts. We are told nothing will change! All sites listed here have Spades! However at the end of 2001, I don't know of any other companies still taking Pogo games.
Regular Spades is the norm, although many options can be set - more than any other site I know. These options include playing with the four 2's as the top four spades, playing to a score of 250 (not the more normal 500), exchanging cards with your partner on every hand, bidding blind (as well as blind nil) and playing the lowest club in your hand on the first trick. You can also decide not to count bags and not to allow Nil or Blind Nil. Personally, I think playing many of these options spoil the game, but it's a matter of personal choice. It is even more important here to check the game options before you start. The host selects which options to play. They have rooms for Social - Beginner - Advanced - Expert - Master.
Lycos and Excite used to take Pogo games, but stopped towards the end of 2000. I believe there are also other sites which take Pogo games, but I haven't tried them. Total people (all sites?) playing were 40,000 with 2,000 playing Spades. Logging on is slow as you have to go through the compulsory advert screens. It is free remember!
Yahoo is one of the larger game providers with 50,000 playing 36 games including 5,000 playing Spades. It is possibly the most popular Spades site on the web. The options allow Regular Spades with or without Double Nil passing. There is also a Suicide option.
They provide rooms for Social - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced. They also have a Ladder room. This has up to 35,000 registered players and is where I play most of my Spades. I have made some comments on the Ladder elsewhere on this site. If you are thinking of playing in the Ladder, then I suggest you read my comments. The Yahoo site has a quick and painless log on routine. The main problem with Yahoo is the dreaded lagging! Their servers seem to slow right down and individuals are frequently ejected from the room. Sometimes, it seems far too often, the whole server crashes! But, as I said before, it's free - so what can one do!
MSN appear to be the largest provider - What else do you expect from Microsoft!. This site is also known as The Zone. They have 25 free games available. There are 85,000 people playing with 4,200 playing Spades. MSN also has lag problems and it can take a long time to get back to a table. I always find the room full when I get back and I don't think I have ever managed to get back to a game!
This is where I played my first Spades! They have 1,600 players including 330 playing Spades. Most games played here are to a score of 250. Nils count 50 (not the more normal 100) and Blind Nils score 100. Regular Spades is the only option. Options are limited.
I haven't played much on this site, but the emphasis does seem to be on fun! They have various sound effects that you can play during the game! They had 2,000 players playing various games and 1000 of these were playing Spades.
I have never tried this site.
I tried this site some time ago, but I didn't like it then. Possibly it's better now. I seem to remember that Mplayer has realtime chat during the games. Some people reckon the best players come here. It is necessary to download software in order to access Mplayer. This software loads Gator which is classed as "Spyware." This is certainly a reason for not joining this site! Mplayer has been taken over by Gamesplay.


Some of the available Spade games are listed below. As far as I know, these are all Shareware and can be tried free of charge before you buy them."
Discover Championship Spades Pro, a versatile card game with playful characters who captivate your family while mastering your skills! Now you can challenge the computer, engage your friends over a local network, or compete and chat in our free Internet lobby. This is the shareware version which costs $29 US and can be tested for 30 days. There is also a free version called Free Spades which can be found at This version is Bannerware.

CardShark Spades for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and NT. "CardShark Spades is the strongest and most feature-filled spades game made." This is the free trial/shareware copy. (VBRUN300.DLL. is required). The full version costs $15 +$4 postage & packing.
"The leader in shareware computer card games is proud to present the latest and greatest! Six computer opponents challenge you to a hot game of Spades. Wonderful graphics and music provide the atmosphere. Are your card-playing skills up to snuff? Live internet, modem and network multiplayer support included so you can play against your friends." Costs $19.95
"Play the game that's nominated as a finalist for the Independent game Festival this March. With top notch graphics and fantasy characters, you can get away and take that break you deserve. Play Hardwood Spades online and make new friendships or just play by yourself, either way will be endless hours of fun! Just please remember to get some sleep okay?" This game costs $24.95
Infinite Spades offers something for both the beginning and experienced player. Play against computer opponents at Novice or Expert level. Shareware - cost $10.

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