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B.J.'s Hotlists: Spades B.J.Herbison's lists of information on Spades. Rules, Strategy & Links.
Master Spades A site by the author of "Spades for Winners" and "Master Spades". Has some very good puzzles as well as hands from "Master Spades". There is also a Spades Forum here.
Bill Donovan's Spade Site Details of the rules, bidding and play - What to do when have problems online - links
Shove-it Backdoors You arrive at Yahoo or Pogo to play a game with your friends. Oh dear, the room is full! What can you do? The answer - go to this site and enter by the backdoor!
Frank Lu's Yahoo! Games Link Yet another backdoor site which accesses all Yahoo full rooms.
Tigers A Spades club with a strict code of conduct - "Simply stated we are an international group of people who love to play Spades. We primarily play in the MS Gaming Zone. We DO NOT cheat or quit and we WILL NOT tolerate rude or crude behavior! We believe that honesty, fairness and good clean fun are more important than individual ratings." I wish they would take that music away!
DoubleNil Passing Personally I'm not keen on playing spades with DoubleNil Passing. However if you do, then you will like this site. It has good information on the DoubleNil option, as well some humour. But - sorry - I still don't like DN! There is also a DNP league!

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