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It is my intention to update this section on a regular basis. I will be pleased to put any comments or interesting hands up in this section - Please email them to me.

Where the points of the compass (N,S,W,E) are used as references in some of the hands. You are always South. Games assumed to be to 500 points.

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23rd September 2002 Links all checked. More interesting hands.
26th March 2002 Lycos are back! The Mplayer site. Joe Andrews spades site. Covering a nil.
31st December 2001 No more Excite or Lycos games - Links updated - More hands
10th October 2001 Opinion on tabletalk and card counters - leading against nils - another hand
19th August 2001 Updates to links & online games - Comment on Wordplay on AOL and some more hands.
28th April 2001 Comments on the Mplayer/Gameplayer merger, the purchase of Uproar & Iwin by Flipside US, the reaction to this site and some more hands.
20th April 2001 Some interesting hands with comments on bidding and play

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